A selection of commissioned portraits from 2014 – 2017

Portraits start at $150. Use the "Contact" link above to tell me about your portrait needs and receive a custom quote.

Jennifer + Robert | Jennifer commissioned this portrait of the couple biking through California wine country as a gift to her boyfriend. The couple are serious travelers and cyclists, wanted a casual, fun depiction and so were drawn in street wear on a tandem bicycle with Jennifer's cat Chianti hitching a ride on the back of the bike. The trail of hamsters is a silly inside joke  | Digital drawing, 5x7

Vukich Christmas | Ashley described bringing home the family's Christmas tree from the lot at the end of their street as one of those truly idyllic moments, wishing she could have captured the moment on film. Since she couldn't, I drew it! Here the family is seen pulling their Christmas tree home in their little red wagon, with drawings of homes from their actual street| Digital drawing, 5x7


Kate + Josh | Commissioned as a wedding gift, this portrait features Kate and Josh walking down the street where Josh proposed in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Photos of the actual cross streets were used as references for the setting, which was fun and made me and the gift-giver feel sneaky. | Digital drawing, 10x10

Katie in Fringe

Sahy (Blue Lace)



At the Rowhouse | A house-warming gift for Kristen, Pete, and pup Ernie. Kristen's home-renovation blog was a great source of inspiration for the portrait - especially a post wherein she quoted Pete describing his ideal home aesthetic as "terrifying". The mounted bear and peacock chair are design elements from their actual home, and the rest of the details were made up to create a modern Addams Family vibe - with a particular nod to Morticia in Kristen's pose and hairstyling. | Digital drawing, 8x10



Un Apres-midi ensoleille a Cailloux | Mamie Paulette and her fierce companion, at their lovely family home in Lyon, France | Digital drawing, 5x7


Brittany + H.A. | Brittany and her partner H.A. and their three cats. The scene was inspired by personal details Brittany's sister shared with me when commissioning their portraits, including H.A.'s philosophical leanings, the couple's love of travel (including a memorable trip to Poland), and Brittany's appreciation for vintage furnishings. | Digital drawing, 8x10


Chris + Alecia | Based on a snapshot of the couple in front of the Eiffle Tower, just after they became engaged.  | Digital drawing, 5x7

Mom + Dad | A personal piece I created for my own parents' wedding anniversary, based on a favorite polaroid photo from just after they were married. Nice job trying to hide the cigarette, Mom! | Digital drawing, 5x7


Ryan + Sara | Commissioned as a wedding gift, this portrait shows Ryan proposing to Sara in the couple's backyard garden. | Digital drawing, 5x7



Kathryn + Stephen | Commissioned as a wedding gift, this portrait features Kathryn, Stephen, and their cats Avon and Stringer in their Jersey City, NJ apartment. | Digital drawing, 10x10

Russells Sprouts | Commissioned family portrait | Digital drawing, 11x14