Pop Culture

Various illustrations and portraits of my favorite ladies from music and television.

Dressed by Birds

Rory Gilmore: America's favorite blue-eyed book nerd in her Stars Hollow bedroom. Stolen boats and married men aside, this private school girl manages to appear as though she were coiffured by tiny woodland creatures and sprinkled with Disney Princess magic every morning. Details for her bedroom are a mishmash of items both real an imagined, including travel posters, portraits of literary figures, and a Harvard pennant.

Dancing with Devils

Lane Kim: Closeted rock 'n roller and ultimate BFF Lane Kim seeks refuge from her overprotective parents and life as a Seventh Day Adventist in her disco-balled, lava lamp lit closet. Playing the drums, eating pizza, she generally throws caution (and 90's boy bands) to the wind. But she does secretly harbor a love for Fleetwood Mac.

My interests in girlhood, teendom, and the art of bedroom self-expression meet my deep, nerd-love for Gilmore Girls in this duo of illustrations.
These characters and the show Gilmore Girls were created by Amy Sherman-Palladino.  |  Digital, 2015


An homage to Taylor Swift's Red tour and tween fandom  |  Digital, 2014

Fiona and the Octopus

A portrait of Fiona Apple featuring the octopus chapeau from her wonderfully strange Every Single Night music video  |  Digital, 2012

Neko Case

Digital, 2013


A portrait of Katy Perry combining elements from her albums Teenage Dream and Prism