Pet Portraits

A selection of commissioned pet portraits. To commission your own custom portrait, contact me.

Reuben in New Hampshire

Dylan & Porkchop

Bodhi at the Cabin

Olive & Her Favorite Things

Calvin Walnut

Animals of Kanibal | A portion of the pet portraits I drew exclusively for Kanibal & Co. We solicited Jersey City residents to submit photos of their pets to be featured on an array of exclusive Kanibal products, including notepads, mugs, and tote bags. This is just a portion of the small-scale black-and-white portraits completed for the project. So far, we have completed two editions of both the Cats of Jersey City and Dogs of Jersey City. 

Mr. Marbles | Another Jersey City pet, this portrait was printed to a larger scale (8"x10") and included a bit more detail work than the standard Animals of Kanibal portrait.

Zack | Another Jersey City pet.