Silhouettes for art prints, greeting cards, and more.

Wild Hearts 1923 , art print

Wild Hearts 1923, art print

Sleepy Hollow , art print

Sleepy Hollow, art print


Cover design and title page silhouette for Prettier Every Time, a YA thriller by Kristen Scalia, available for download at Swoon Reads.

Balloon Heads , A2 card |   copyright Kanibal & Co.

Balloon Heads, A2 card | copyright Kanibal & Co.

Bun in the Oven , A2 card | copyright Kanibal & Co.

Bun in the Oven, A2 card | copyright Kanibal & Co.

Birthday Blowout , A2 card

Birthday Blowout, A2 card

Zombie Parade , A2 card

Zombie Parade, A2 card