Holiday Cards

A selection of custom holiday cards, including both client work and some of my personal family Christmas cards, dating back to 2010. To commission your own customized portrait or greeting cards, contact me at

The Zierros, 2016 | I've worked with the Zierro family on their holiday cards for three years now, and every year its exciting to see what's new in their lives. In 2016, they welcomed a new dog (and continued an ongoing sort-of-inside-joke of memorializing their old pup on the back).  Professionally offset printed on double-sided 4x6 postcards


The Ledesmas, 2016 | A folded greeting card of the couple and their dogs in front of their new home. An interior greeting was printed in red, and the couples address and the year were printed on reverse.  A2 greeting cards with interior message, professionally offset printed

The Youngs, 2016 | A double-sided holiday postcard featuring the family's portrait on both front and back  Professionally offset printed on double-sided 4x6 postcards


Ginger & Tabitha | A greeting card of the family's cats lounging at home, inspired by an Instagram photo of Ginger. I loved including a corner of the couples home and the subtle nod to their life of travel and art appreciation, with a just a little bit of holiday cheer mixed in.  A2 greeting cards, blank interior, professionally offset printed


2015: Sack Race with Baby Bump | I was 5 months pregnant at the time this card was sent out, and so added a baby bump the original illustration. I figured I could depict myself winning the race, since I was the one drawing it ;) | Professionally offset printed on 4x6 double-sided postcards


2014: Paper Dolls | This design was, hands down, our most popular Christmas card to date. Paper doll versions of my husband and I filled the front and back of a 5x7 greeting card. A message was handwritten on the inside, and the card could either be displayed with the top portion showing, or cut and assembled.

2010: Gingerbread Man | The first holiday card I designed for my family. I've enjoyed sending out something silly and festive every year since. | Professionally offset printed on 5.5x4.25 double-sided postcards


2011: Christmas Sweaters | A traditional family portrait of my husband, myself, and our cats. This was the year we were married and adopted our second cat, Hedwig. | Professionally offset printed on 4x6 double-sided postcards


Johnston Family Christmas Tree Classics | A design for my family's 2015 Christmas card featuring funky handmade ornaments from my youth. The items are each numbered and the back of the postcard features a description of each item including "4. Grandma Mattox's hand-stitched penguin" and "8. Clothespin reindeer w/googly eyes + beads."  | Professionally offset printed on 5x7 double-sided postcards


The Youngs | With two cats, a dog the size of a truck, an energetic toddler, and a new baby on the way, Jennie and Ryan felt that something equal parts festive and chaotic would best represent their family during the holidays. | Professionally offset printed on double-sided 4x6 postcards

Kathryn & Clementine | I love a client who'll let me use pink. Kathryn wanted something that featured her and her dog, Clementine, and would give an opportunity to celebrate her new apartment, as well as her love of baking. Details like the art on the refrigerator door act as an little nod to her niece and nephew. | Professionally offset printed on double-sided 4x6 postcards


The Zierros, 2015 | Melissa and Rob wanted a card that also worked as a new home annoucement. Professionally offset printed on double-sided 4x6 postcards

Jon, Alex, & Mr. Marbles | Being an interfaith couple, Jon and Alex wanted something wintery and fun, but not holiday-specific. The backdrop represents their hometown of Jersey City, NJ and both front and backside illustrations show their Maine coon, Mr. Marbles, enjoying the great outdoors (this cat has a harness leash and spends a lot of time in park trees and for that I love him.) | Professionally offset printed on 4x6 double-sided postcards



Molly Christmas | A single-sided card mailed with coordinating green envelopes. Features Doug & Kathy's newest family member, a rescue cat named Molly. | Professionally printed on linen-textured card stock, 4.25x5.5


Lauren & Zach | Full-blown Christmas party with the pups! | Professionally offset printed on 4x6 double-sided postcards with space for a short handwritten note and address