Capsule Wardrobe

Personal work, digital

I don’t remember where I first came across the term “capsule wardrobe”, but it kept coming to mind as I was cleaning out my closet one day. I did some Googling and after reading blog posts like this and this, I was convinced it was worth experimenting with (though I haven’t wheedled my wardrobe as far down as 33 items, at least not yet).

There’s an aspirational element to the capsule wardrobe (living more fashionably but simply) as well as a bit of a puzzle (how many combinations can you make and actually wear in public?), which I find fun. And while I, like most human beings, like looking well put together, I’m not one for bold fashion statements. My patterned-tights wearing, lunch box carrying high school days are behind me and now I’m looking for easy, with a dash of she-has-her-life-sorted. And mostly just want to wear nautical stripes, to be honest.

Anyway, this is all to say that I cleaned my closet, adapted the capsule wardrobe way of shopping/dressing, and began creating my own Cher Horowitz inspired virtual dressing room in Photoshop. That’s my point, internet: Clueless. I’d ask if anyone remembers Cher’s Wardrobe computer program, but that’s just a dumb question because we all remember everything about Clueless because it is perfect.

So this is the slowly progressing, un-animated version of Cher's closet. Minus any designer labels whatsoever.